Mutual Fund Course

Mutual Funds Course

Understand Mutual Fund Industry and their different schemes based on DEBT & EQUITY combinations. Clear NISM-Series-V-A: Mutual Fund Distributors exam. Get AMFI number and start your own business or work for a Mutual Fund distributor/Broking house or a Bank.
Fees: RS.10000/-  (Suitable for employee of Banks, Mutual Funds, Broking Houses, Agents, Sales Person,) Discount for Group

Research Analysts Diploma Course

Learn about the Fundamentals of Risk and Return, Valuation, key industry drivers, macroeconomic variables affecting the analysis and sources of information for industry analysis. As per rule, every analyst who write, speak, comment, broadcast his/her views on social platforms, need to clear NISM  Series XV Research Analyst Certification Examination.
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Contents of the Diploma Course:
  1. Role & Responsibility of Research Analyst
  2. Structure and products of Capital Market
  3. Equity & Debt : Cost of Capital
  4. Concept of Money Value
  5. Understanding Business Model
  6. Relative Analysis
  7. SWOT Analysis
  8. Quality of management and governance
  9. Pricing Power
  10. How to calculate RISK
  11. Compliance orientation of the company
  12. Return on Investments
  13. Calculation of simple, annualized and compounding return
  14. Concept of market risk (Beta)
  15. Sensitivity Analysis
  16. Concept of numbers & story
  17. Fundamental Analysis
  18. Technical Analysis
  19. Behavioural Analysis
  20. Macro Economics
  21. Micro Economics
  22. PESTLE Analysis
  23. Porter's 5 forces
  24. BCG Analysis
  25. SCP Analysis
  26. Key Industry Drivers
  27. Source of Information
  28. Calculation of Intrinsic Value of the company
  29. Understanding Profit & Loss account
  30. Understanding Balance Sheet
  31. Understanding Cash Flow
  32. Ratio Analysis
  33. Contingent Liability
  34. Peer comparison
  35. History of corporate actions & equity expansion
  36. Difference between price and value
  37. Source of value ASSETS & earnings
  38. DCFM Model
  39. Relative Valuation
  40. SOTP Valuation
  41. Capital Asset Pricing Method
  42. Option Pricing
  43. Valuation of new/ modern businesses. (e-business)
  44.  Qualities of good research report
  45. Overweight -Underweight -Neutral
  46. More than 2 digit case studies  
Fees: RS.35000/- (Suitable for Investor / Researcher / Analysts / Adviser / Economist / Fundamentalist / CA / CS & MBA Students)



Currency Derivatives & Foreign Exchange Course

Learn Interest rate parity - Purchasing Power Parity - different theories of Foreign Exchange - Interest rate swaps - Currency Swaps - OTC (Forward) - Banking - Futures - Option pricing - Greeks - Option Strategies - Hedging the risk of commodity & currency fluctuations.
FEES: RS.15000/- (Suitable for Treasuries / Exporter / Importer / Currency Trader & Banks)

Investment Banking Course

Investment Banking is glamour of finance. Big deals, Big ideas & Big revenues.

Private Equity - Venture Capital - Angle Investor - Euro bonds - Raising Capital - Equity IPO - Role of IB in Debt - Merchant Banking - Corporate restructuring.

Be Professional Sales Personnel Course

Who is best financial sales person?

Answer is the one who have deep knowledge of the financial products and selling skills. Join the march of progress, creativity, invention, inspiration, access to all stored information with clear commands. Cool, Calm & Courage are the keys.

Learn Mutual Fund, Stock / Commodity / Currency / Insurance / Tax saving products / Retirement planning and become Investment Adviser


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