Tension at Indo-Pak Boarder and Indian Stock Market

US-based agency Fitch on Tuesday kept India's sovereign rating unchanged at 'BBB-', the lowest investment grade with stable outlook assigned to the country more than a decade ago.
Terrorism & Pakistan Border tension eat away 2% GDP growth rate. India is the best investment destination on globe map with ready large consumer market, but again only worry is terrorism and Pakistan. If India can manage these two mentioned issue, growth rate can be seen double digit. Responsibility is of both Government and opposition to stand together to get the solutions.
Back to Fitch rating, its very important for India to find ways to get higher growth rate, minimum of 8% plus and finding ways to peace. Challenges are big. India managed to get Indian Rupee appreciated to 64 (which is strong level). Nifty & Sensex is at its all time high. Still i say challenges are big, Indian government is also capable to handle. Time will tell how things will shape up in future, but another news is also concern today
"Infosys to hire 10000 US workers after Donald Trump targets H1B visas". IT company is facing challenge of operating margins and restriction on work visa from US-Australia.

Today Suggest a video stating that all bull markets are followed by bear market and all bear markets are followed by bull markets. scale , size and time may be different every time.

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