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we are living in a dynamic economy / world. In just 4 months Rupee appreciated from 69 to 64 against USD, whereas, USD appreciated against Japan’s Yen, Chinese Yuan, GBP, Euro. Indian Indices NIFTY/SENSEX appriciated from 7900 to 9300 in just 4 months. In this complex world we can’t depend on just guessing. Finance is the best profession of the world, if and only if learned properly and systematically. There can be many flow charts can be designed, to scale up our knowledge and performance. Here we recommend a learning chart:-
1. Share Shop Course
2. Technical Analysis Course
3. Equity Derivatives
4. Currency Derivatives
5. Research Analysts Course

all courses cover case studies and practical training. Application of technical tools/derivative strategies, makes courses more strong and advantageous. taking all 5 courses as a package proved to be cheaper compare to taking courses one by one. Happy Learning to all.

Next recommended Course: W D GANN Course (Value for money)
Quote of the day “A single person can have a vision, perhaps provide the leadership, but its the people who really constitute the institution.” – Swami Dayananda Saraswati


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  1. RInfra wins ₹2,950-cr arbitration award against DMRC and very same day Delhi Metro increased fare by 40 to 50%. It may be a coincidence. In record its difficult to find if a government undertaking have paid such a huge penalty.

    1. TRAFFIC is shifting to roads from Metros. Quick impact.
      Now look at results of Idea – Bharti (Airtel) – Vodafone all hit badly by entry of Reliance Jio. Reliance may have invested near to 200000 crores till now on Jio. Expected return seems to be high. Consolidation / Mergers are seen with in group companies and within same sector. Most happening sector of the year.

  2. Surprisingly, IIP data shows improved growth and inflation is down plus early monsoon hit Andaman Nicobar. All good news same day. Nifty hit all time high. Trend decider range is 9400-9465

  3. Best Deals offered by SHARETIME, Combo of Technical Analysis & Equity Derivatives @ RS.21000/- only. Combo of Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Series @ RS. 11000/- only. Learn Candlestick @ RS.5000/- only.

    Value for money delas

  4. Best Books on Technical Analysis:
    1. Technical Analysis Explained – Martin J Pring
    2. Technical Analysis of Financial Markets – John J Murphy
    3. Japanese Candlestick Charting Technique – Steve Nison
    4. Technical Analysis of Stock Trends – John Magee & Robert Edwards

    For Basics, I recommend all above books.

  5. Micheal Porter is in India after a long gap of 14 years. He is known for PORTER’S 5 FORCES. Its is base of stock selection process. Why we should hold a stock for longer period? we analysis anu business on different Porter’s 5 forces and find the reliability, than crosscheck the same with ROI, operating margins, Dividend yield, cashflow etc. our study must support with the financial ratios. We welcome Mr. Porter. He met Mr. PM of India of May 25 and delivered lecture at Niti Udyog on May 26. than he will traveling to other towns also.

  6. Anil AMBANI GROUP COMpanies debt concerns:
    Reliance Capital total Debt 33k crores
    Reliance Com total debts 32.3k crores
    Reliance Defence 8k crores
    Reliance Infra 21k crores
    Reliance Power 30k crores
    Tata Group (Ex-TCS & Tata Motors) gross debts: 156k crores

    Now when we say low inflation (if) can trigger favourable situation for rate cut in June RBI meet or Fed meet will overshadow decision

  7. India marked a great victory over Pakistani Cricket team. Today India is celebrating Pandav (Nirjala) Ekadshi.
    Yesterday again in terrorist attack, more than seven killed, at London.
    ISRO is set to launch its most powerful rocket carrying high-tech communication satellite.
    As per HSBC, India GDP growth to remain flat at 7.1% in 2017-18.
    HongKong topped the world competitiveness list, followed by Switzerland, Singapore, USA, Netherland, China. India slips to 45th spot in IMD’s competitiveness list.

  8. Sun Pharma – Reliance Comm. – IDBI BANK – Central Bank – IFCI downgraded by credit rating agencies whereas IB HOUSING Fin. – ICICI BANK – Vedanta – Axis Bank – Avenue Supermart upgraded.
    SBI to raise RS.11000 crores through QIP. This figure worry me for the reason, Reliance Power also raised 11000 crores in year 2008, and after that markets tanked. Lets hope history does not repeat itself this time.

  9. Today No change in credit policy, except SLR % reduced by .05, to 20%; RBI
    More money will be available for loans (credit) with Banks.
    In response, Bank Nifty hit 23600 , all time high. Most of the banks appreciated by 0.50 to 3% today.

  10. GST is make or break step. In short term, shifting from earlier tax regime to GST, may trigger some pain. More transparency, more simple and one point tax, may trigger growth in long term. Government is working pro-actively to provide more clarity on all small and big related issues. If it succeed to push growth rate by even 1 %, than all credit goes to Government efforts. But on ground, initially we should be ready to see slowdown in few areas, if not all.
    Nifty High of June 9 is a pivot date. High and low of June 9 are important.

  11. Top public sector banks NPAs reached to 625210 crores, whereas provisions and contingencies are 153146 crores only. there is huge gap. Projected profits for fy17 are 151534 crores. RBI’s internal advisory committee (IAC) had identified 12 accounts that covered 25% of NPAs, as app. 7.11 Lac crores.

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