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Who is this W D Gann course for?

Whether you just begin trading or have been trading for many years; can join this course.

Gann Course, strongly recommended for?

  • Positional Traders (LEARN TO HOLD THE WINNING TRADE)
  • Investors (Learn to buy at rock bottom price or at breakouts)
  • RESEARCHERS (2 days course will open many new windows to know further)
  • HOD – Finance (enhance possibilities)
  • Professors – Finance & Commerce
  • Economists (understanding business cycles)
  • MBA – Students (Know a different concept)
  • College Students (time to build foundation)

Can Gann studies be applied other than equity markets?

Good model is which work on all asset class. This is the biggest benefit of Gann studies. It can be applied in all markets like Equity, commodity, derivatives (future & options), bonds, interest and Currency markets and above all it can be applied in all time frames like weekly, daily, hourly, half hour and 15 min. etc.

Is it difficult to learn Gann studies? Are these studies formed on complicated and complex mathematical formulas?

Learning Gann studies is as simple as learning any other study. It’s easiest to learn in very short time. All mathematical formulas are as simple as addition and subtraction.

What is Square of 9?

Gann’s biggest unearthing was "SQUARE OF NINE" master chart. This is so authoritative and precise that one can investigate and trade any financial markets without the knowledge or requirement of any other CHART. It’s an ocean. More you dive in deep will find many pearls and gems.

Will we learn time rules in Gann courses?

Yes! You will learn 2 techniques of time rules in Gann course. One is based on Time and second method of time price squaring

Will I be able to generate trading calls (buy and sell) with stop loss and target?

Yes! Will learn techniques to identify trigger point, stop loss and targets.

What all other courses you offer?

Technical Analysis - Fundamental Analysis - Equity Derivatives - Currency Derivatives - Foreign Exchange - Fixed Income Securities - Investment Banking - Private Banking - Advance Technical Analysis - Research Analyst - Investment Advisors - Risk Management. & Job Oriented Courses.

After completion of my course, can I come for solution to my problems / queries to institute?

Sure! if you face any problem while applying, what you have studied or any related subject to topic, can come for solution or remedy.

Can I have a demo class, before signing for any course?

Yes, we organize FREE SEMINARS, every month on different subjects related to Finance & Capital Market. You can register by entering your details on Contact Us page.

Will stock market or technical analysis courses plus other courses help to develop my skill and add to my performance in current job?

Why not! we are living in a dynamic economy, where we need up gradation on time to time to survive. there's adage "person read, leads."  Yes! Sharetime Courses will help you in skill and personality development plus knowledge on different subjects of Financial Literacy.

Which are most popular courses?
Technical Analysis - Derivatives - W D GANN - Foreign Exchange - Fundamental Analysis - Research Analysts - Investment Adviser