Certified Technical Analysis Course

Learn Technical Analysis from best technical analysis institute, where you will master applying the tools. In this course you can learn how to apply technical tools in all different scenario plus mind training is the priority. Discipline and patience are the key words. Content of the Technical Analysis course:


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technical analysis free class


Online & Classroom Course
 1. Square of 9- Spiral chart
2.  Gann Swing

3. Gann Geometry

4. Square of 9 Method No. 1

5. Square of 9 Method No. 2

6. Square of 9 Method No. 3

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w d gann free class

Certified Stock market course for beginners

This course is specially designed for the beginners and freshers who want to understand what the share market is? how to invest or trade in share market, future and option Commodity Currency & Forex market. what are the dos and don'ts for investors and traders, how to trade online.


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Day trading technique

Fundamental Analysis Course

Its mindset only that finance is difficult. Finance is like a language only. Start thinking speaking and listen the language of finance. Highly recommended for all graduate & master students, Investors & traders. In this course you are going to learn how to

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Equity Derivatives

Derivatives market is even bigger than Global GDP. Latest technology, volatility in financial markets, innovations, research and product development are the key driver of Derivatives. That's why all the sharpest minds of the world are keen to participate in Derivatives. OTC (Banking), Futures, Swaps ( Interest rate swaps and Currency swaps )

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Derivatives Demo class

Advanced Mathematical W D Gann Online Course

  1.  Square of 9- Spiral Chart
  2.  Gann Swing
  3.  Gann Geometry (3 methods)
  4.  Square of 9 - Method # 1
  5.  Square of 9 - Method # 2
  6.  Square of 9 - Method # 3
  7.  Square of 9 - Method # 4
  8.  Moon Cycle Basic Concept

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W D GANN Demo class

We offer all following courses:

  1. Technical Analysis Course
  2. Stock Market course for beginners
  3. Equity Derivatives Course
  4. Foreign Exchange & Currency Derivatives
  5. W D GANN Courses 
  6. Advanced W D GANN Course
  7. Advance Technical Analysis Course
  8. Research Analysts Course
  9. Mutual Fund Training (Be AMFI Agent)
  10. Advance Derivatives Course
  11. Investment Advisory Course
  12. Surveillance & Risk Management Course
  13. Investment Banking Course
  14. Wealth Creation Course
  15. Fundamental Analysis Course 
  16. Finanacial Planning


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